7th Grade RELIGION Homework

Welcome to 7th Grade Religion!

Enjoy a happy and a holy summer as a missionary disciple. Here is some homework for you:)


8th Grade Summer Missionary Disciple Homework Assignment


In 1-2 sentences describe a time over the summer when you encountered God’s love. Then, what did you see or hear over the summer that disturbed you? How did you respond to this? Think margins. Write or type your experience as a missionary disciple on 8X11 paper and include an illustration or symbol. This will be due in one of our first religion classes in 8th grade. Be ready to share orally, and have your paper ready to hang in the hallway.
Sample from Mrs. Whetham: Over the summer I encountered the love of God as I saw my sister in Australia on FaceTime and enjoyed talking with her. Love flowed between us. I was disturbed to hear of the many young men detained in the King County Detention Center, without contact with the outside world. I wrote two letters to a prisoner and prayed for him every day for two weeks. I would include an image of prison bars and a letter to make this attractive on the school hallway walls.
If you are interested in writing a letter, check out the details on the St. James Cathedral website.  Send a letter by snail mail through Joe Cotton, or use the portal to write an electronic letter. Be Covid-conscious and creative in finding ways to reach out to others with God’s love.





















































































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