7th Grade RELIGION Homework

Welcome to 7th Grade Religion!


“I am the vine, you are the branches”. John 15:5.

Thank you to our 7th graders for being ministers at Mass during this first trimester.


November 12 – 15

This week we will study Catholic Social Teaching and prepare student conference prayers. There is no formal assigned homework, and students would be wise to use this time memorizing the first half of the Angelus prayer in preparation for the oral test on Weds. Dec. 4.

Thank you for bringing in Lunches of Love.



November 4 – 8

Having studied Catholic teaching on the Afterlife, this week we will return to the Works of Mercy and begin Catholic Social Teaching if time permits. Students will work in groups of 3, find an example of Jesus practicing a Work of Mercy, and present their Gospel account to the class.

Mrs. Defeo will teach Steps to Respect on Tuesday.


Due Mon. 11/04: Completed Afterlife Sheet.

Due Weds. 11/06: Any props etc for Mercy presentation.









































































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