7th Grade RELIGION

Welcome to 7th Grade Religion: “Rooted in Christ”


This year we draw closer to God through the lens of the New Testament

We will learn to pray in a variety of ways, and we’ll even sing and dance!


Our basic units of study include


The Mass

The Afterlife


The Liturgical Year

Sacraments and sacramentals

Morality and Virtues

Catholic Social Teaching and Works of Mercy

New Testament Saints

The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Church


This year, four of our first trimester class times will be allotted to Confirmation sacramental preparation. The Confirmation Mass will be held in February, 2022.

An important 7th Grade religion emphasis is learning to be a Missionary Disciple. We team with the Archdiocesan Missionary Discipleship Institute and research ways we can reach out and bring God’s love to those on the margins.  We will decide on a missionary response as a class in the Spring of 2022.

Usually, 7th graders lead the school and parish in praying the Living Rosary in October to honor Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, our patroness. How we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary this year will depend on Covid restrictions in our state in October. 

May this year in religion class nourish and deepen the gift of faith we have been given.

All classwork will be posted weekly in Google Classroom.





















































































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