8th Grade Religion Homework


Welcome to 8th Grade Religion! 

“I am the vine, you are the branches.” John 15:5.

I apologize for not keeping this site current: I’ve poured all my energies into crafting assignments on Google Classroom:) I’m back on site now.

May 26-29

In this last full week of school, 8th graders are working on the Armor of God assignment, due Tuesday June 2. There were materials for this in the drive-by, and they are also available in Google Classroom for an online version. This assignment shows how to put on God’s scriptural armor for the battles of life. Invaluable!

Church History Quilts and Psalm 23 test results should all be given to Mrs. Whetham by now.

God bless you, 8th Graders! We will miss you dearly.


May18 – 22

This week students will work on the New Evangelization square of the Church History Quilt Final. It is abut how students will use their God-given charisms or gifts to proclaim Jesus Christ – history in the future! Detailed instructions are in Google Classroom. The quilt is due by Friday, May 22, along with the Psalm 23 prayer test. Students will recite this at home for parents and submit their grade.


May 11-15

This week students began work on the Church History Quilt Final, due by Fri. May 22. They are working on the first 3 squares or patches: 2 important events in Church history, and one Saint or person. The rubric is visible in Google Classroom, and we have had some Zoom class instruction. Students continue memorizing Psalm 23.


May 4 -8

This week students learned about Vatican ll and Saint John XXlll. They even resourced 4 documents from the Council! Unfortunately, a very valuable video was removed from YouTube, so we needed to revise the Vatican ll Packet which was assigned and due this week.


April 27 – May 01

This week we return to Church history, picking up with the Council of Trent that was called after the Protestant Reformation. We will also study two great Saints from this time: St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Teresa of Avila. The assignment assessing this learning will be due by noon on Friday, May 01. Detailed instructions are outlined in Google Classroom.


Easter Week: April 20 – 24

This week students are studying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, as well as learning about the concept of the Paschal Mystery. Their assigned work in due at noon on Friday, April 24. We continue memorizing Psalm 23. All instructions are detailed in Google Classroom.


Holy Week, April 6 – 10

The assignment for students this week is a meditative, prayerful one. They will study the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross, Students will design a CD cover with this title, and for each “Word” of Jesus, they will compose a song title, presenting all of this information on Google Slides. Detailed instructions are given in Google Classroom, along with a Holy Week Hello from Mrs. Whetham. This assignment is due at the end of Lent: 5:00PM, Holy Thursday, April 9.

Students are invited to participate in the Children’s Mass Fr. Oakland will stream on Wednesday, April 8 at 9:30AM. Not only will they be graced by this, but they have the opportunity to earn a grade to be applied to a low-scoring or missing assignment. To secure this grade, they need to also participate in the Stations of the Cross or the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion to be streamed from Holy Rosary Church at 3:00PM Good Friday.


I wish you a happy and a holy Easter, and a refreshing week without online learning!



March 30 – April 3

This week students will complete two assignments. The first assignment is Urbi et Orbi, where they will pray specifically at three times for an end to the pandemic. On Google Classroom, there is a link to a short video of the Pope’s prayer in Rome last Friday. This assignment is due by Wednesday, April 1st at 3:00PM.

The second assignment is a Shelter In Place Virtues Project. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the Natural Law, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Great Commandment, the Cardinal Virtues and the Theological Virtues by creating 9 slides. Directions for each slide are clearly outlined on Google Classroom. This assignment is due by midnight on Thursday, April 2.


March 23 – 27

In this second week of online learning, students will complete a Prayer Packet and a Protestant Reformation Project. Details of this, and a little video message from Mrs. Whetham, are posted on Google Classroom.

The code for 8A is xvjms2a

The code for 8B is s7r3glh


March 16 – 20

In this first week of online learning, we will continue studying the causes of the Protestant Reformation, learning of other reformers besides Luther, and knowing how they differed not only with the Catholic Church but with each other. Then we will move to England and learn the fascinating history of the English Reformation, highlighting Henry Vlll and St. Thomas More. students will memorize Psalm 23 to “…still waters.” Be sure to keep mum with the psalm, a few lines each week.


Due Mon 3/16 by 1:00PM:

Response sentence on Luther movie clip, and confirmation of reading John 4: 5-42. Bucket sharing is personal and therefore optional. Students earn an indulgence for this!

Due Tues. 3/17 by 1:00PM:

Protestant Venn assignment (explained on Google Classroom.)

Due Weds: 3/18 by 1:00PM:

Henry Vlll challenge question, and Thomas More 5-point Bio.