8th Grade Religion Homework


Welcome to 8th Grade Religion! 

“I am the vine, you are the branches.” John 15:5.

November 18 – 22

This week we will prepare for the Age of the Martyrs Test scheduled for Weds. 11/20. Father Oakland will train us for liturgical leadership in the church during class time on Tuesday. After the test on Wednesday, students will begin a conference week study packet on the nature of the Church. They have a Know Your Church Quiz, open book, to complete during the break. It is quite OK to work with friends on this. The quiz and packet are due Mon. Dec 2.

Lazarus House: Last week, a few students accompanied me to deliver soup (thanks for the celery!) made by Holy Rosary parishioners. We will be delivering soup on several more Thursdays, and possibly serving lunch to the homeless men there, and playing games/doing activities with them. This will be a continuation of our missionary discipleship training in 7th grade.



November 11 – 15

This week we conclude our study of the Age of the Martyrs with the emperor Constantine ending persecution in the Roman Empire. We will tidy up any last details in class on Tuesday, have a short review,  and take the test (WITH lemon drops!) on Wednesday. Then we will complete our conference prayers.