7th Grade ENGLISH Homework

Nov. 12 – 15 

*Hey, smartie pants! If you read this, see me for a dum dum lollipop.

Conference Slides:  Please complete your conference slides by Nov. 22. We will have time in Religion class on Tuesday.

Latin Phrases:  carpe diem, modus operandi, requiescat in pace, e pluribus unum

Literature: We will finish the Inspiration web on Tuesday in class in the lab. We begin non-fiction reading strategies on Tuesday. Please read the news article about Abby Sunderland and complete the worksheet and short paragraph essay – due Thursday. (pp. 19 – 23 in Collections textbook). Read “Finding Your Own Everest”(In Close Reader p. 13 – 16, and do blue boxes) due Friday. Fiction and Non-Fiction Test = Thursday, Nov. 21. Review sheet will be handed out on Thursday; review session on Monday.

Grammar: none this week

Vocabulary: Vocab unit 3 due Friday – all exercises and definition sheet.

Writing: Friday Write #2 will be discussed this Friday in class. Rubric will be explained in class and students will write the essay in class on Monday. (Students will use their Inspiration web as a pre-write for this paragraph.)

Independent Reading:  Book Record Sheet is due Nov. 21. Students may turn it in any time in the next two weeks. Students must fill in both book summaries and total all pages read since the first day of school (Sept. 4). Parent signature on the back is required. (See the Independent Reading Requirements sheet in your binder for more specifics.)

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