7th Grade ENGLISH Homework

May 20 – 24 *Field Day and Noon Dismissal on Friday

Latin Phrases:  carpe diem; modus operandi; requiescat in pace; pro bono publico; caveat emptor; persona non grata; deum videre in omnibus; e pluribus unum; sine qua non; bona fides; in toto; de facto; quid nunc; momento mori; sub rosa; quid pro quo; modus vivendi

Vocab:  Vocab Final = May 23.

Grammar:  Latin Roots and Phrases Final = May 28

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences continues. Worksheets due Thursday. Keep studying spring Latin/Greek roots.

Literature:  Close Reader short story, “Big Things Come in Small Packages.”

Writing: Close Reader writing

Independent Reading:  Keep reading and adding to your Book Record sheet for spring trimester. Book Record sheet due June 7.